A focus on safety & skills training

Ferrexpo’s workforce, comprising over 10,000 employees and contractors, is the platform on which successful pellet production is built. The Group provides regular training and development reviews to its workforce to help promote a strong culture.


Workforce of over 10,000, with 95% of the Ferrexpo team based at the Group's operations in Ukraine.


Training courses provided in 2021, with over half having a specific focus on safety.


Inaugural year of 'Fe_munity' Women in Leadership training programme for future female leaders of Ferrexpo.

Through prioritising investment in both the safety and professional development of its workforce, the Group is able to rely on a strong team ethic to deliver strong operational and financial performance. Testament to this bond with the Group's workforce, over half of the Group's employee workforce in Ukraine have been employed with Ferrexpo for more than five years, providing both stability and experience to help develop future generations at the Group's operations. In order to help deliver this training and development, the Group has it's own training facility, which provides training sessions to both employees and contractors, with a focus on both safety training and developing new skills.

The Group has a number of training and development programmes, all aimed at progressing the careers of employees. A key focus area is on promoting diversity in the workspace, with the 'Fe_Munity' Women In Leadership programme a good example of how the Group aims to identify and accelerate the careers of high-potential future female leaders of the Group - please see the video below for more details of this programme. Additional details of the Group's training and development programmes, including Fe_munity, are also provided in the Group's latest Responsible Business Report (available here).

Video: See how Ferrexpo's Fe_Munity Programme has helped increase the number of women in management positions by 11% in 2021 alone