Underpinning a positive culture

The Group's strategy and purpose is underpinned by the Group's Five Values, which together are designed to create a positive and supportive culture for the Group to succeed. The right culture is essential for developing a safe and sustainable business - one for all stakeholders to benefit from.

Each core value of the business, as shown below, highlights the key attributes expected of Ferrexpo’s workforce, which together form the foundation for the Group’s social licence to operate. It is with pride that the Group is able to fulfil its role as an employer, neighbour and investment, delivering value to all stakeholders. Through maintaining these values, in conjunction with prudent financial management and continued investment in the Group’s operations, the Group hopes to continue to fulfil all these various roles for many years ahead.

1. Responsibility

The Group promotes responsibility within its workforce, for individuals to exhibit this in the form of a safety first approach, as well as environmental responsibility and accountability to local communities. Click here for more information on the Group's work with local communities.

2. Make it happen

Make it happen is a value that focuses efforts of the Group's workforce to deliver superior business results, which are achieved through an engaged and well-trained workforce. Click here for more information on the Group's workforce training programme.

3. Integrity

Integrity is a core value, representing high ethical standards and delivering on commitments. This is supported through extensive training and a strong corporate governance framework. For more information on the Group's corporate governance framework, please click here.


4. Diversity within one team

Through embracing diversity within one team, the Group aims to promote differences of opinions and backgrounds. For more on initiatives to promote diversity, please click here.

5. Continuous innovation

Continuous innovation is essential for companies to improve and adapt. Through embracing change, the Group aims to create a culture of collaboration for a bright future. For more information, please click here.


The Group's Five Values are structured to help enable the business deliver successful production and financial results through its business model. For a broader view on the Group's business model, please see the following page.