Transparency and integrity

Strong corporate governance structures are the hallmark of a modern company, providing stakeholders with clarity and transparency in the Group’s activities. Good corporate governance provides a platform on which the Group can build a positive relationship with all stakeholders, including employees, local communities, customers, investors and providers of capital.


Agreements referencing Supplier Code of Conduct (2022)


Goods and services at Ukrainian operations typically sourced from local entities.


Suppliers screened for risks (2022).

Ferrexpo's approach to good governance and ethical business practices covers the entire Group, from the number of Independent Non-executive Directors providing oversight of the Group, to training on compliance and anti-corruption practices at an operational level, to screening of suppliers to ensure best practice in supply chains. Ethical business practices also covers the Group's approach to tax, and maintaining the Group's role as a good corporate citizen.

Details of all of the Group's activities in respect of its ethical business practices are provided in the Group's Responsible Business Reports. Further information on the taxes paid are provided in the Group's Annual Reports, in addition to the Group's Reports on Taxes Paid to Governments, both of which are published on an annual basis.

A number of the Ferrexpo's policy documents are provided on the Policies and Procedures page of this site here, which includes the Group's Code of Conduct and Human Rights Policy.