Ferrexpo aims to build a workplace culture where people speak up and ask if they are unsure as to how to respond to a situation or do not understand any elements of Ferrexpo’s Code of Conduct, including its underlying policies or the law to which the policy applies.

All employees and stakeholders can access the Group's Integrity Line via the following link here to report concerns securely and confidentially. Concerns can be raised electronically via an anonymous online form, or via the phone numbers provided at the same web address. An individual's willingness to come forward is important to Ferrexpo.

This reporting service may be used to report issues relating to internal controls in the areas of finance, accounting, banking, fraud and anti-corruption only. When reporting an issue, Ferrexpo encourages individuals to identify themselves and to provide as much detail as possible regarding your concern. An individual's privacy will be maintained in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

If your concern relates to an area other than outlined above, please contact Local Management or your Local Compliance Officer.