Keep your shareholdings up-to-date and receive shareholder information directly to your inbox

About Shareview 

You do not have to receive paper shareholder documentation. Many shareholders now choose to receive their communications electronically. Equiniti provide a convenient online service at, where you can access your shareholding online.

As a Shareview member you can:

  • Access details about your shares
  • Check sales, purchases or transfers relating to your shares
  • Ask to receive important shareholder information by email, directly to your inbox
  • Update your name, address or bank details online
  • Register your voting instructions for Ferrexpo Plc General Meetings

How do I register for Shareview:

Visit the Shareview website:

  • Register for electronic communications by following the instructions on screen
  • You will be able to access your account straightaway and also be sent an activation code by post to unlock all of the service features

Find out more about Shareview

Equiniti Shareview Terms and Conditions (PDF)