Standing with Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has sparked a humanitarian crisis in Ukraine, with millions of refugees seeking shelter and safety as Russian troops attack towns and cities across the country. In support of Ukraine, Ferrexpo is deploying resources and funding to help tackle the effects of this invasion. Our initiatives are focused on helping those in the local communities surrounding our operations and those passing through the area as they seek to escape the conflict.

Established shortly after the onset of the conflict in Ukraine, Ferrexpo’s Humanitarian Fund aims to provide support to Ukraine's communities in this difficult time. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is causing a mass migration with millions fleeing West, away from the fighting. This is putting a significant strain on people's health and well-being, and hindering access to the supply of food, shelter and other basic services. The Group’s Humanitarian Fund is designed to help provide fast and effective solutions to the humanitarian issues arising from the ongoing conflict.

Each individual project is reviewed and approved by the Group’s Health, Safety, Environment and Communities Committee, which is a subcommittee of the Board of Directors, and is the committee responsible for the Group’s community support activities.

Please click the headers below to learn more about the nature of humanitarian projects that are being undertaken through the Group's experienced management team in Ukraine.