Providing effective leadership

The Board of Ferrexpo plc is responsible for setting the Group's objectives and policies, providing effective leadership and control required for a public company.

The Board has a formal schedule setting out the matters requiring Board approval and specifically reserved to it for decision. These include:

  • Approving the Group strategy and budget;
  • Annual and long-term capital expenditure plans;
  • Contracts for more than a certain monetary amount;
  • Monitoring financial performance and critical business issues;
  • Approval of major projects and contract awards;
  • Approval of key policies and procedures including dividend and treasury policies;
  • Through the Committee of Independent Directors, monitoring and authorising related party transactions; and
  • Oversight of the Group's decarbonisation programme and significant investments related to climate change.

The Board is chaired by Lucio Genovese (Non-executive Chair) and consists of one Executive Director, five further Independent Non-executive Directors and one Non-executive Director.

The Group has four formally-constituted Board committees: the Audit Committee, Nominations Committee, Remuneration Committee, and Health, Safety, Environment and Community ("HSEC") Committee. The Board meets at least four times a year.