Shares in issue: 588.6m 10p Ordinary Shares in Issue, as at Last Close.

Major Shareholders Information 
Shareholder NameAmount% Holding
Fevamotinico S.a.r.l296,077,94450.3
Schroder Investment Management32,100,5405.5
BlackRock, Inc.29,449,4405.0

Note: above shareholder data is as of latest TR-1 submissions from shareholders (notification of major holdings) as submitted to the Company in accordance with FCA disclosure guidance and transparency rule (DTR) 5.

Director Shareholdings
Director NameAmount% Holding
Ann-Christin AndersenNilNil
Graeme DacombNilNil
Lucio Genovese233,6510.040
Vitalii LisovenkoNilNil
Fiona MacAulay3,5360.001
Jim North456,9040.078
Natalie PolischukNilNil
Kostiantyn ZhevagoSee Fevamotinico S.a.r.l above