Creating value for all stakeholders

Ferrexpo’s purpose is to produce and market premium quality iron ore pellets and concentrate, in a socially responsible and sustainable manner. Ferrexpo has achieved this for a number of years through building constructive relationships with stakeholders and delivering consistent and sustainable returns from the Group's operations.

Through significant investment in the Group's operations in Ukraine and logistics network, the Group is able to market its high grade iron ore pellets to its global network of customers. Through generating this value, the Group is able to provide value to all stakeholders, from employees, communities and contractors, to the Group's network of international investors and customers.

The Group serves a wide range of stakeholders, including the Group's workforce, local communities, governments and shareholders, as well as the natural environment in which the Group operates. To learn more about Ferrexpo's business model and how the Group aims to serve all stakeholders, please click here.

Image: Ferrexpo employees inside the Group's workshops. Ferrexpo is one of Ukraine's largest employers, with a workforce of over 10,000 people.